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Back to Basics

The significant challenges of the last two years have left many extremely stressed and vulnerable. While stress levels have gone up, so too has the number of the scale. 

Although studies about the effects of the pandemic on lifestyle are ongoing, the average person’s pandemic weight gain, according to Yale New Haven Health System, is between 10 to 30 lbs.


Weight changes have been brought on by the challenges to peoples’ diets, activity levels, sleep habits, and daily routines. Lives have been turned upside down by the pandemic, and with increased stressors, isolation, and the challenges of simply making life work, nutrition, and exercise habits have been pushed aside. How many challenges have you been facing?

    • The unknown. At the beginning of the pandemic, we had no idea how long quarantine would last, or what other challenges it would bring to our daily lives.
    • Stress. Navigating changes in how and where we work, remote learning for our children and trying to balance the new normal.
    • Lack of daily routine and structure.
    • The ‘time away’ from the rigors of our regular life may have been seen as a “free pass” to eat whatever we want. Emotional eating, stress eating, eating out of boredom, and mindless eating have taken hold. Working and schooling from home where you are constantly near the fridge & pantry is a struggle.
    • Lack of movement. Not only were gyms closed, but the stresses and uncertainty disrupted routines and typical movement. Walks from the parking lot, taking a break to run an errand or using the stairs to get a few more steps in were no longer the norm.

These are just some of the challenges we have been facing since the pandemic began. As we know, stress is associated with an increase in cortisol levels which in turn is associated with an increase in eating foods that are high in salt and fat. Additional effects of stress on the body include a reduction in lean muscle mass. These factors, colliding together have a negative effect on your metabolic rate and provide the perfect setting for weight gain. Sometimes there is a feeling of guilt and shame that goes along with weight gain which only increases the need for compassionate knowledgeable support. 

There is good news. You are not alone; we have all been in this pandemic together. Copare coaches are seeing all the above challenges and more. As pandemic restrictions lift and people return to routines, Copare is ready with the tools and expertise to guide you in getting back on track with individualized nutrition plans and personalized coaching. Clients who partner with Copare to reach their health and weight loss goals are poised to succeed in post pandemic times. Do not try to go it alone. 

Partnering with Copare helps you create an environment for success by stacking healthy habits and routines around nutrition, movement, and mindset. 

Healthy eating. Whether you are utilizing Copare’s flagship program, a hybrid, or whole foods plan, we will work to individualize and optimize your nutrition plan (including eating more plants to increase important phytonutrients and fiber into your diet).

Exercise – Move your body in a fun way every day! Positive effects of movement do not always require a trip to the gym. Dancing, pickle ball, bowling, walking with a friend are all wonderful ways to increase lean muscle mass. Sit less – move more – the benefits are huge! On top of the typical benefits of heart health and toning, exercise also assists in relieving stress, boosting immunity and may assist in reducing the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Sound sleep /nighttime routine – Not only is sleep important to overall health, but it has been shown to aid the weight-loss process.

Social connections – The pandemic threw us all into a state of isolation. Human connections of conversation and touch are critical to well-being. Call a friend or family member or get out and meet someone for a walk or tea.

Stress resilience – Where is your happy place? What activity brings you joy? Is it playing with a furry friend or watching a classic film? Build in moments to de-stress and rejuvenate your energy level. Deep breathing is a straightforward way to release a stressful moment and set the tone for a level day. A simple technique called Box Breathing is something you can do anytime or anywhere. Inhale for a count of four, hold for a count of four, exhale for a count of four and hold for a count of four. Repeat. Completing just three times will bring your nervous system to a calmer state. Yoga, meditation, journaling, or other mindfulness exercises are great tools too.

Avoiding overindulging – An occasional glass of wine or cocktail is a wonderful treat, however, overindulging slows the weight loss journey. There will be time to return to a celebratory drink but let’s get back on track first!

The time is now to set your health and wellness goals. Copare will be cheering you on every step of the way, from one-on-one coaching to individualized nutrition plans.

  • Your Copare coach will meet you where you are. Assisting you with your personal nutritional needs and creating a supportive partnership and plan. 
  • You will get to know your body through weekly body composition readings, analyzing changes, patterns, and trends, allowing for adjustments in nutrition, movement, and lifestyle habits as necessary to support forward momentum. 
  • Weekly motivation and inspiration will keep you working toward your individualized goals on the path to fulfilling your “why.”
  • Copare’s-certified food, as well as macro nutrition education, is partnered with building healthy habits into your daily life.

After you reach your weight loss goal, you will have access to a lifetime of coaching from the Copare team! 

You are not alone. Invest this time in you, by creating the healthy nutrition and lifestyle changes you need. Whether you are local to one of our six offices or prefer to meet virtually, Copare is ready to partner with you to lose those pandemic pounds and be your healthy best!

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