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Fuel Your Overall Health and Wellness with a Healthy Mindset

Managing stress, getting adequate sleep, proper nutrition, and fitness are pillars of a healthy lifestyle and critical to our overall health and wellness. Making progress in each of these areas can seem overwhelming at first.  AT Cōpare we encourage our clients to make small changes and create healthy routines that will ultimately lead to more sustainable results.

Some discipline is required but it shouldn’t feel overbearing or negative.  Even though proper nutrition and regular exercise may seem daunting at first, focusing on the “after” feeling will keep you motivated.  For example, I can’t think of a time I felt worse after a workout or a clean day of eating.  In fact, on days that I felt less motivated but pushed myself I often felt the BEST.

Staying active isn’t always easy or convenient.  The sense of accomplishment we feel from establishing a healthy routine, such as exercising for 20-30 minutes per day, can actually have a positive effect on other areas of our lives. Motivation is powerful, but it is temporary.  Discipline has a uniquely powerful way of never leaving us with the feeling that we could have achieved more.  

The human body was built to be physically active.  With the onset of Covid-19, our lives have become much more sedentary. Let’s adjust our thinking. Why not put our rest day off one more day rather than putting off our workout day.   If you do, I guarantee that once you get to that next day, you’ll realize that you didn’t need the rest day as much as you had previously thought.  

The following article will explore different ways to empower yourself to take control of your own personal health and wellness. It resonated with me and will hopefully do the same for you.


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