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Jim and Elica’s Story

Do it for you and do it with your partner. It works! 

What brought you to Cōpare?  Was there one particular event that finally brought you to the breaking point?

I saw pictures from a vacation and I looked huge standing next to my wife. That was really the last straw for me. I didn’t like how my clothes were fitting. I didn’t like the huffing and puffing after light physical activity..but it was the vacation pictures that was the last straw.

What did you immediately learn about your eating habits? Did you identify or realize any patterns that surprised you?

That I had to start eating vegetables and that if they’re prepared in certain ways, they aren’t bad. I certainly eat more vegetables and more types of vegetables than I ever have before.

What was your mindset as you were going through the program?

We were focused and a team. We shopped for vegetables together, we prepared our meals together. We both wanted to meet our goals and to tell you the truth there was a little competition between the two of us...fun competition...how much weight we lost in a week, who go to our goal first, what was our visceral fat level (I never even got close to her on that metric). 

What’s the best piece of advice you’d give someone considering the Copare program?

Do it for you and do it with your partner. It works! 

What are the top 3 things that you can attribute to your success?

Support/partnership with my wife (we did it together), support from the Copare team, (we looked forward to going in and having our weekly sessions with Nerri), and the relative ease it came with a change of habits.

What role did your coach play in your success?

Nerri was awesome, always positive, always helpful. Even when we werent happy Nerri reminded us it was a process, would take some time and encourage us to stay focused on that journey and the results on the other side.

Do you feel equipped to face the invariable challenges you’ll face in maintaining your weight?

Yes, I have changed some negative habits, going to bed earlier, eating vegetables. I know how to order food in a restaurant and that most restaurants are happy to meet dietary requirements.

Why would you recommend others choose the personalized nutrition based program that Copare offers?

Yes, I have tried others but those never prepared you for what to do after the program. I was reliant on their foods. Copare teaches you what to eat and when to eat it to keep your engine burning. Regular food is part of the program from the very beginning so the transition at the end is seamless.


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