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Tips For Enjoying Low Carb Japanese

Whether you’re eating out at a restaurant or at home, we want you to experience a variety of cuisines. Here are our top 10 tips for enjoying sushi without the carbs.

  1. Munch on protein packed edamame. Dip in a little tamari (gluten free) soy sauce.
  2. Have you heard of Naruto style rolls? Sliced cucumbers are used as the roll instead of nori sheets. There’s no rice and they’re primarily stuffed with sashimi, avocado, and other veggies, such as cabbage, peppers, and mushrooms.
  3. Always go for the Sashimi. A little wasabi and pickled ginger are perfect accompaniments.
  4. Many Japanese sushi spots have side dishes such as sliced avocado. Go for it! Avocado is a healthy fat with high fiber and its oh so yummy.
  5. Seaweed salad is amazing both for its nutritional benefits as well as for the taste. Add a  little sesame oil for additional flavor.
  6. Leave the Sapporo and Sake for your friends and opt for the GREEN TEA. It’s high in antioxidants and may even help with fat burn.
  7. Scan the menu for “riceless” rolls or ask your server. They may be able to convert some of your favorite rolls to riceless creations. The low carb craze is everywhere.
  8. VEGGIES, VEGGIES, VEGGIES – Look for them on the menu and order them in place of rice. Steer clear of the Tempura.
  9. Look for tofu options if you are a strict vegetarian – it’s a great source of protein.
  10. Order fresh fish with a side of veggies. or ask for the “fish of the day”.

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