When we started our company in late 2016, we noticed a huge void in the weight loss industry. There were plenty of companies willing to help people lose weight, but not one addressed the root causes of weight gain and the all-too-common challenge of weight management. Hello Yo-Yo-Dieting!

After watching loved ones and friends experience ongoing weight-related health conditions as well as facing our own personal challenges, we knew there was a better way. We wanted to help people not only lose weight but also learn how to keep it off long-term. Fundamental to this goal was providing a program where clients could learn about proper nutrition and be empowered with a full understanding of how to maintain optimal health. Because “life happens,” we also knew that ongoing support beyond the initial weight loss was key.

No two people are alike, so we wanted to make sure that our weight loss program was personalized and customized for the unique needs of every individual. Ensuring a positive and consistent client experience from the minute a client walks through the door was also important. In December of 2016, we welcomed our first client, Grant Paulsen, a well-known Sports Talk Radio personality in the Washington, DC area.

Over the past five years we’ve helped over 5000 clients lose weight, change their habits and behaviors, and live healthier lives. We’ve hired over 30 health coaches and have opened 6 locations in the DC Metro area. We’ve also learned a lot!

We’ve come to recognize the powerful role that our coaches play in our client’s health journeys. The connection between the coach and client as well as the support, guidance, and knowledge they share is critical to the client’s success. The power of these relationships was especially evident throughout the pandemic. 

Part of our ethos is to resist the status quo and continue to evolve and change in order to better serve our clients. In early 2021 we embarked on a rebranding initiative and in December of 2021, we became Cōpare. We believe that Cōpare  better represents our company’s mission as well as our values. “Co” and the broken “C” in our wordmark represent how we connect (partner) with our clients, while  “pare” is a play on words for “pair” and a playful way to describe two people or a relationship. Pare can also mean to trim down. 

With Cōpare we’ve also introduced more flexible, customized whole foods plans, personalizing our program even more. We’ve enhanced our virtual program, so we can help our clients from anywhere in the world. To reward our most loyal clients, we’ve developed an ambassador program. We’ve also formalized a more robust partnership program because we know getting healthy and feeling your best is a team effort.

We’re grateful that our clients have trusted us with their health and wellness, and we don’t take that responsibility lightly. With Cōpare, we’re more committed than ever to being your partners in weight loss and total wellness and helping you live your healthiest life.