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How It Works

We want to inspire and educate our clients throughout their weight loss journeys, and we provide the personalized support and guidance that will empower them to succeed.

We know that losing weight can be a challenging process, requiring critical and sometimes difficult lifestyle changes. Many of our clients come into Cōpare having tried many different programs without seeing long-term, lasting results.

We’ve made it our mission to be different and to be the last weight loss program you’ll need. We give our clients the tools to lose the weight and empower them to keep it off forever. We believe weight loss is a team effort, and our coaches invest in your long-term success and support you every step of the way.


We meet you where you are and outline a plan to reach your goals.


Your Cōpare consultation consists of an initial evaluation, which helps your coach better understand your health history, past hurdles, and your “why” for losing weight. We also take initial measurements, including your first Body Composition Analysis, to establish your baseline.


We get to know you inside and out.


After your initial evaluation, each session begins with a Body Composition Analysis. Session by session, you’ll begin to see the numbers change as you get closer to attaining optimal health. The body composition goes beyond just pounds lost. You’ll be able to see changes in your muscle mass, fat loss and more.


Revisiting and reaffirming your personal “why” every week will give you a sense of purpose and keep you motivated.


Our clients look forward to their weekly visits with our coaches. We review your progress, discuss any obstacles, and plan for the week ahead.


We believe in personalized nutrition because no two people are alike.


Nutritional know-how and hacks for healthy eating are learned skills: we believe in giving you the tools you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle in the long-term. While we provide some Cōpare-certified food, our goal is to coach you on incorporating healthy habits and choices into your everyday life.


You’ll always be part of the Cōpare community, and we’ll always be here to support you.


Any client who graduates from the Cōpare program is rewarded with lifetime access to our coaches and resources because we want your weight loss and good health to last.

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