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Success Stories

We’re proud of our clients and hope their stories will inspire you to begin your personal health journey.


Want to see our program in action? Take a look at some of our clients' before and after pictures to get a full sense of how we help people lose weight and live healthier.

Jane C.

As health coach, Jane works closely with her clients to create a plan that’s right for them, their lifestyles, and their bodies.

“Being a Certified Holistic Health Coach is my life’s calling – I just didn’t know it.”


Access to a personal health coach played a huge role in Lisa's success

The fact that I have access to a personal health coach who is a licensed, certified nutritionist is HUGE!


In just over 1 year I had lost 198 pounds and felt better than I had in years

It’s been 4 years since I lost 198 pounds. I’m not perfect and I still experience setbacks every now and then, but I’m committed to living my best “healthy” life forever.

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