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We are your trusted partners in weight loss whether we meet with you in person or virtually. In town and busy, out of town, or just playing it safe, you’ll experience the same personalized support and accountability as you would in person.

Experience the same personalized support from your home or anywhere.

Your program starts with an initial consultation with one of our health coaches. We’ll connect with you over video because we still want to meet you one on one and face to face. During your first meeting, we spend time getting to know you and understanding your reasons for embarking on this journey. From there, we’ll develop a nutrition plan that’s personalized to meet your unique needs. We’ll also match you with a dedicated health coach who will partner with you throughout your journey.


What you can expect

  • A knowledgeable, dedicated health coach, nutritionist, or registered dietician. Someone who understands your unique challenges.
  • One-on-one weekly, virtual meetings with a dedicated health coach.
  • Weekly detailed body composition analysis utilizing a portable smart scale. Compassionate feedback and accountability is crucial to your success.
  • Easy and convenient meal plans designed to preserve lean muscle and promote weight loss from body fat. Plans may or may not include Cōpare foods.
  • Nutrition education and counseling.
  • Results that last a lifetime because once you graduate, you’ll have a health coach for life!

I noticed those extra pounds that had appeared didn’t seem to be leaving, even with increased activity.

At age 51, Cynthie was ready to make a healthy change. Though she doesn’t live in the DMV area, she connected with us and began meeting one-on-one with her coach remotely.

“The option to join Cōpare as a totally remote client made the decision to invest in myself easy.”

As a remote client, Cynthie still got the personalized coaching, motivation, and resources she needed to find success.

“All my numbers dropped immediately and have improved every week.”

When clients meet with us in-person, they take their food home with them that day. For Cynthie though, her food was delivered right to her door!

“The coaching and support are incredible and my meals are delivered reliably and on schedule.”

She credits her coach with helping her succeed, even though they never met face-to-face.

“With all I’ve learned from my coach, I know now I’ll be able to stay on track while keeping my splurges in check.”

— Cynthie Soucie


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