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Cōpare for Seniors

Some of our most successful clients are in their 70s and 80s. Losing weight and getting healthy doesn't have an age limit.

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You’re in your prime years, retired and ready to enjoy life. You want to age gracefully, and understand how to eat healthfully and mindfully in order to prevent chronic age-related diseases. 

You want the energy and strength to enjoy your grandkids and maybe even your great grandchildren. Mental acuity is high on your list and you want to look and feel at least 10 years younger than your “real” age but still with all the wisdom your years have given you. You’ve earned this. 

Your best years start today.


You’re not interested in the latest diet trends. Instead, you’re ready for a personalized nutrition program that’s designed just for you. You want a program that encourages movement, preserves muscle, and takes your age and health history into account. It’s never too late to make small changes that have a positive impact on your health and well-being – you’re ready!


What you can expect

  • A knowledgeable, dedicated health coach, nutritionist or registered dietician Someone who understands your unique challenges.
  • One-on-one weekly meetings, virtual or in person.
  • Weekly detailed body composition analysis. Compassionate feedback and accountability is crucial to your success.
  • Easy and convenient meal plans designed to preserve lean muscle and promote weight loss from body fat. Plans may or may not include Cōpare foods.
  • Nutrition education and counseling.
  • Results that last a lifetime because once you graduate, you’ll have a health coach for life!

At age 78, Donna wanted to lose weight around the abdomen and increase muscle. Her coach customized a nutrition program just for Donna and her body.

“I really wondered if it was possible to get visceral fat down at 78 years of age. With the Cōpare food plan and support from my coach, it happened.”

Donna’s weight loss journey wasn’t just about losing weight. It was about maintaining her new weight too.

“I was on some of the Cōpare food  for 3 months, then I transitioned to a plan that incorporated all of my own food. While on whole foods, I continued to lose weight, build muscle, and lose fat.”

Even with whole foods, my coach was able to design a program that enabled me to continue to make progress on my health journey. Maintaining weight loss is easier with the support and encouragement of an Cōpare coach.

“Other plans may work as long as you’re on the diet. The real test is if you can maintain the weight loss.”

With weekly check ins, it’s easy to prepare for the coming weeks and formulate a plan for eating healthily and nutritiously.

“You learn how to eat for the long term both at home and when you eat out.”

Even after graduating from the Cōpare program, Donna continues to check in with her coach. That’s because at Cōpare, you get a coach for life.

“When you graduate, their support is available to you at no charge.”

— Donna Rosen


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