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Empowered for Life

Our clients don’t just lose the weight — they keep it off! We’re very proud that our graduate community continues to grow as clients achieve their goals and successfully complete their Cōpare programs.

At Cōpare we recognize that losing weight is not easy and that maintaining a healthy lifestyle will require reinforcement and continued support. We want to be part of your lifelong journey and provide every graduate with ongoing access to our coaches, services, and technology.

As an Cōpare graduate, you’ve restored your good health through diet and nutrition. You trusted the process, worked to reset your palette and lost the cravings for sugar, unhealthy carbohydrates, and processed foods. You’ve reached your healthy weight goals, and you’re ready to build your own sustainable program.

Every graduate receives a personalized nutrition plan and macronutrient guidelines to kickstart the maintenance phase. In the weeks following graduation, you’ll work together with your nutrition coach to monitor your body composition and make any adjustments to your nutrition plan based on your results. Once you’re comfortable and confident in your ability to maintain your empowered weight, you may not need to see us every week – but we’ll always welcome you back whenever you need our support.

You feel good, look great, and you’ve become the best version of yourself. Remember the good habits and food choices that got you here — you have everything you need to lead a healthier, fuller life — an empowered life.

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