Feeling tired all the time? Lack of energy? Brain fog?

Tired all the time? It could be due to a blood sugar imbalance.

Do you find yourself feeling exhausted and hungry by 10 a.m. after you’ve eaten your morning muffin? Are you reaching for yet another coffee or Red Bull to prevent an afternoon slump or a 3 p.m. energy crash? You’ve heard the saying what goes up must come down- that applies to blood sugar as well and what you’re likely feeling is a blood sugar crash.

One of the keys to optimal health is balancing your blood sugar and achieving healthy insulin levels. In fact, it’s the most important factor to pay attention to when deciding what and when to eat.  If you’ve experienced these common symptoms, especially on a regular basis, you could be dealing with unstable blood sugar:⁠

  • headaches⁠
  • fatigue⁠
  • cravings⁠
  • bloating⁠
  • acne⁠
  • hormone imbalances⁠
  • anxiety⁠
  • brain fog⁠
  • inflammation⁠
  • and so much more⁠!

Blood sugar imbalance is also at the root of many chronic diseases, like diabetes. But did you know it can also cause heart disease and dementia? In fact, Alzheimer’s has been referred to as Type III diabetes.

Your blood sugar fluctuates throughout the day depending on factors such as what you ate, your workouts, sleep, stress, and more. If blood sugar isn’t balanced, it can create a roller coaster of ups and downs.⁠

Dietary factors, a sedentary lifestyle and stress can all cause blood glucose (sugar) and insulin levels to be chronically elevated, leading to insulin resistance.

  • Blood sugar and your adrenals are closely linked so when blood sugar drops, stress hormones increase to help release more glucose into your bloodstream, causing anxiety, panic, irritability, and more.⁠
  • Our brain needs glucose for fuel. When our blood sugar is low, it leads to brain fog, memory problems, and makes it hard to concentrate.
  • Cravings happen when our blood sugar is low. Our brain tells us to find the quickest and easiest fuel it can absorb, which is usually something sugary or something that converts to sugar at a high rate (a simple carb).⁠

Fortunately, when we get blood sugar under control, many of the symptoms and even potential health conditions can be reversed. When thinking about blood sugar, balance is key.  When our blood sugar is balanced and steady, so are we. We feel our best and experience more energy, improved mental clarity etc. And oh, by the way, when we manage blood sugar we lose weight – specifically body fat.  Eating the right amount of protein, fat and the right types of carbohydrates at each meal will help you to naturally stabilize blood sugar.

At Cōpare , our program is designed to regulate hormones and keep blood sugar stable throughout the day resulting in improved energy and mood. Cōpare coaches don’t just tell you what to do we teach you what to do. By educating you on nutrition, we help you achieve weight loss and optimal health that is sustainable.

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