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Amy’s Story

I just turned 65, and I'm feeling terrific!

A friend at work had lost 35 pounds and was looking terrific. I asked her how she did it, and she told me all about Copare, speaking very highly about the program. Around this same time, I was feeling down about myself…my weight gain over the past few years, and my general lack of energy and motivation. I needed to do something to lower my weight and improve my overall health and fitness level. I thought about it, and set up an initial consultation with Kim in the Potomac office last May.

I wasn’t really skeptical since I saw the results my friend had achieved. At first, I was worried about how long it would take to reach my goals, but I started seeing results the very first week! Each weekly visit was encouraging, and the coaching and support I received from Kim  and Jane was amazing. If someone were to ask me about the program, I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. I’d tell them to look at it as an investment in themself.

I attribute my success to the coaching I received during each visit, the support I received from my friends and family, and my faith in myself…I set a goal and was determined to reach it. I’ve heard comments such as, “ losing weight is the easy part; the hard part is keeping it off.” First, losing weight was not easy! I was very determined and encouraged as my weight went from 203 to 163, my percent body fat went from 44.5 to 29.5, and my visceral fat level went from 20 to 10. I know that keeping these numbers where I’d like them to be will be challenging at times, but I feel equipped to meet these challenges. Mainly, I feel so good now, so happy with the results, so fit and healthy, and I want to continue this way.

I’ve learned how to recognize and manage the “triggers” that in my past would have caused me to make some pretty unhealthy choices with food. Copare has taught me to think through my choices, to track my food intake and fitness goals, and to check in with my coach when needed to help me over any hurdles (such as holiday celebrations).

Copare was a pretty big investment…of time, energy, and money…and the payoff has been fantastic. My self-esteem, my general health, and my overall fitness level have all improved greatly. I just turned 65, and I’m feeling terrific!

I would absolutely recommend Copare to others. It is not a quick fix. It’s a nutrition-based program that takes into account both the science and psychology of food. The approach is very individualized; it encouraged me to take a good look at myself…my habits, my needs, and my lifestyle and make changes for the best. In addition to Copare, I added some other wonderful tools to my self-improvement toolbox, such as increased exercise and relaxation techniques. I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey. Thank you Kim and Jane!


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